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​We’re real estate entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals by providing property management in Clinton, Roseboro, Turkey and many other regions in Sampson County. 

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Venture Manor Realty is a primer property management company located in Clinton, serving the needs of the rental market in Sampson County, North Carolina. We specialize in real estate and offer rental listings of single family homes, apartments, commercial properties, mobile homes and mobile home parks. Venture Manor Realty believes in providing our clients with a personal touch in our management; giving you the owner the peace of mind with the best management services available. Managing your rental property is our only priority. Venture Manor Realty is a growing family company in which property owners maximize their income on their investment without the hassles of being a landlord. Venture Manor Realty provides our clients a professional service that can be trusted from personnel who have the knowledge and experience necessary to make owning a real estate investment a success. At Venture Manor Realty, we take enormous pride in helping owners reach their investment property goals. We take pride and genuine care in making sure that these properties are leased to qualified tenants and that they are properly maintained. We remove the arduous process of showing properties, doing background checks on potential clients, and writing leases. Venture Manor Realty approaches property management as an income-generating business. We understand the importance of a client’s property to maximize returns. Whether you are a first time buyer, property investor, or an experienced apartment owner, Venture Manor Realty can assist you with all your real estate needs. Our goal is to help you with your investments goals without hassle, incident or worry. Venture Manor Realty is committed to preserving the value of an investment rental property while generating income as an agent for its clients. We take care of the day to day management of your rental property, maximum cash flow, control expenses, increasing the net value of investments, and create a comfortable environment for your tenant. When you engage Venture Manor Realty to manage, rent, and operate your investment property, you are assured to receive top quality professional services and advice.

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